Tour & Tasting
Christine explaining the density of sugar during the first alcoholic fermentation in the tank room.
Héloïse giving a viticulture course in the vineyard.
Héloïse during a tour in the tank room.
Héloïse showing the yeast in an aged bottle of champagne in the cellar.
A group of colleagues captivated by the vinification's secrets.
Christine in the middle of her explanation in the press center.

Complete guided tour of the vineyards, the press center, the tank room, the cellar and the wine-tasting room, and guided tasting (duration depending on the selected tasting):


> Tour & Discovery Tasting : 3 signature Champagnes of the domain (25 €)

> Tour & Meunier Tasting : 5 Champagnes with a predominance of Meunier (35 €)

> Tour & Premium Tasting : 7 exceptional Champagnes (50 €)

  • Complete tour of the winery
  • Domain certified Organic
  • Guided tasting

Tour & Tasting

Participants25 persons maximum per group (except exceptionnel demand)
LanguagesEnglish, French
Opening hours
Important information

Please come 5 minutes before the beginning of the guided tour.

Additional informationBROCHURE ENG WINE TOURISM.pdf


The meeting point is behind the town hall of the village
Champagne Piot-Sévillano
23 Rue d'Argentelle, 51700 Vincelles, France

Offered by

Champagne Piot-Sevillano
51700 - Vincelles

Further information

Four different options to choose from :


> Simple tour without tasting : 15€


> Tour & Discovery Tasting with the 3 Champagnes signature of the domain : Brut "Essence de Terroir", Brut Rosé "Ame de la Rive Droite" et Brut "Cuvée Prestige" - 25€


> Tour & Meunier Tasting with 5 Champagnes with a predominance of Meunier, main grappe variety of the vineyard of the domain : Extra-Brut "Fraîcheur de Côteau", Brut "Essence de Terroir", Brut "Cuvée Provocante" (100% Meunier), Brut "Millésime Edition 2013" et Brut "Cuvée Prestige" - 35€


> Tour & Premium Tasting with 7 Champagnes : Extra-Brut "Fraîcheur de Côteau", Brut Nature, Brut "Cuvée Impertinente" (100% Pinot noir), Brut "Cuvée Rebelle" (100% Chardonnay), Brut "Cuvée Provocante" (100% Meunier), Brut "Millésime Edition 2013" et Brut "Cuvée Interdite" - 50€


Important points to keep in mind :

> A friendly team dedicated to you !

> Family domain for 10 generations and winery certified High Environmental Value and Organic

> Panoramic terrace with amazing view on the Marne Valley

> Guided tasting in the former school of the village converted into a wine-tasting room

> Free tour for children (under 18)

19 Reviews
Overall rating
Fun factor
Superior value and very enjoyable.
Overall rating
Fun factor
This was a fun and educational activity. We got an in-depth look into the making of champagne, curated by a very knowledgeable tour guide. The tour is available in English or French and you chose your prefered language when scheduling the tour. Three very different champagnes were offered for tasting at the end of the tour of both the vineyards and the winery. The tour was very easy to book and it was exceptional value. We did consider touring one the more well-known brands, like Moet and Taittinger but, the cost of those tours ranged from $60-250. Save your money and take a tour at Champagne Piot-Sevillano in Vincelles, an east 25 minute drive from Epernay. You will not be disappointed!
by Richard Underwood on 05/18/2024
Overall rating
Fun factor
It was very nice. Good Champagne.
by Tim Verberck on 04/28/2024
A fantastic tour!!!!
Overall rating
Fun factor
We had banner weather for our tour which consisted of a vineyard stop as well as a tank room stop. Heloïse our tour guide was knowledgeable and just a delightful person. The tasting was of course the highlight. Great champagne made by an obviously talented woman vintner. In a male dominated profession it’s wonderful to see such a talented person. We would do it again in a heartbeat
by Louis Bertellotti on 10/12/2023

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